Bina Pile Industries Sdn Bhd has been established since 1994 as a small Ready-mix Concrete Pile business in Jeram, Malaysia with only one 5 cubic meter mixer truck. In 1996, within a short period of time, we had successfully become a Ready-Mix Concrete Supplier (RCS). Today, we have over forty eight trucks in four plants, which are located at Jeram (HQ), Sungai Besar, Ijok and Sepang. Over the years, we have successfully completed various big and small projects from the government sectors, developers, privates etc. At Bina-Pile, we are not only dealing business with our customer, but also building bonds with them. We understand your needs and we know exactly what, how and when we are able to provide the best for you.



Time is always the rule of thumbs at Bina-Pile. We try our best to deliver our products on time without delay because we understand the priority of a customer. In every plant, we will be fully utilizing ours’ trucks to maximize our efficiency. We believe that punctuality is the core to win a smile on our customers’ face.


Quality of product is essential for continuing success. Every product that we produce for our customers, we take responsibility of the quality. We provide high quality custom made products to fulfill our customer’s request. We are dedicated to satisfying our customers by our high quality product.


Integrity is the essence of our company’s accomplishment. From the aspect of dealing with business to our employee’s characteristic, we treat them equally serious. Being honest and having strong moral principles are the keys to build trust between our customers and the company. “Be real to our customers, be proud of what we do” is the motto of everyone at Bina-Pile!

Continuous Improvement

Continuous improvement is an ongoing effort at Bina-Pile. We strive to improve both our products and services. We welcome feedback and suggestion from our customers. We hear the voice of our customers to better serve them and the community in future.


Mixing and delivering high quality concrete to our customers as well as providing satisfying service to maintain the company's reputation.


To emerge as a competitive and trusted brand of ready-mixed concrete and to develop long term partnerships with customers.

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